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HTC Sense

HTC Sense is an experience designed around many little insightful ideas. Ideas that seem so simple, you think “why hasn’t any one else thought of that? It just makes sense.” It’s a phone experience full of lots of little surprises, delighting you every time.

People-centric Communication

All your calls, messages and updates are organized by people, not by applications.

  • Friend Stream

    See all your friends' Facebook© updates, Tweets and Flickr® photos on the same screen.

    Easy Reading and Browsing

    Zoom in on a webpage and the text changes size and reflows automatically to make it easier to read.

    • Feed Your Brain

      Ever been curious about something you read? A simple tap and hold lets you search any word or phrase selection in Wikipedia, Google, YouTube or the dictionary.
    • No More Awkward Moments

      Ever fumbled with your phone because it went off at full-blast during a meeting? Well, don’t worry! Now as soon as you lift your phone up to see who’s calling, the ringer volume gets lower. Want it silenced completely? Just flip it over.

    • An Icebreaker for Your Calls

      Now when you look to see who’s calling, you get to see their latest social status updates or if they have a birthday coming up. The conversation starts before you say hello!

    Surf the web in style
  • Surf the web in style

    Surf from one website to another with multiple browsing windows, zoom in and out of a page, and watch the text resize automatically on screen so you don't waste time panning left and right. You can even highlight text and quickly look up what you're reading about on Google, Wikipedia or YouTube.
  • Snap and share in an instant

    Snap and share in an instantWhether it's evidence of a night out with friends, a lucky shot of some rare wildlife, or a funny picture you've just been sent, it's easier to snap and share with HTC Salsa. Just grab it, upload it and tag it for all your friends to see.
Facebook your entire phone
  • Beats on the go

    Whether it's Bieber or the Beatles, your HTC Salsa lets you listen to all your favorite tunes straight from your in-built music player. No need to bring a separate MP3 player, with the support for microSD cards, there's enough space to store heaps of your favorite tunes. Now you're free to sing along to your heart's content.
  • Facebook your entire phone

    All the news in one placeYour friends are your life, so you want to be close to them. That's why HTC Salsa comes with a load of Facebook widgets that bring you closer to them. Like a clock with a Facebook stream of updates as a ticker, and a Calendar widget so you never miss your friends' birthdays and events. You can also follow your special favorites and all their news with the Friend Stream widget. With HTC Salsa, you're no longer a friend – you're a super-friend.
All your email accounts in one inbox
  • All your email accounts in one inbox

    If you've got a work email and a private one, your HTC Salsa helps keep you on top of things by merging the accounts together into one inbox. All the emails are color coded, so you know what's what, and you can sort them by importance, groups or content.
    • Check in and chill out

      Check in and chill out
      With just one press, share where you are, what you're doing and the friends you're with right from your mobile. Get your friends into it and you'll never miss another chance to connect when you happen to be nearby at the same time.