Sony Ericsson: Aspen™

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Meetings, messages, projects. Where will your business take you today? Stay on top in a more eco-friendly way with the Aspen™ phone and Windows® mobile.

Panel freedom

Panel freedomNews, work tools or just plain fun? You choose. Sony Ericsson panels serve you what you need, when you want it. Drag and drop panels onto the timeline and they'll pop up on your screen at the times set.

Touch UI

Touch UIThe touch user interface makes navigation truly intuitive - whether you're browsing the media menu, adjusting your camera settings or playing music.

Empowered by QWERTY

Empowered by QWERTYPrefer typing the keyboard way? With full QWERTY, your phone lets you handle your messaging the easy way.

Instant access - SlideView key

Instant access - SlideView keyTo stay efficient, every little detail matters. The SlideView key gives you one-click access. Your email, calendar, applications and more - instantly, at the flick of your finger.

Video clip

Video clipA pop video. An amusing moment at a party. Your puppy chasing its tail then falling over. Download and watch video clips on your phone.

Find the way - aGPS

Find the way - aGPSYou'll never get lost again. Your phone has built-in aGPS. Location-based services help you find the way to your destination. Or add location info to your images - use the geo-tagging function.

GreenHeart™ - we do it because we care.

GreenHeart™ - we do it because we care.We are always thinking about how our decisions impact the environment. That’s in everything we do. From planning and production to shipping and recycling.
GreenHeart™. Our commitment to making the biggest possible sustainable impact. Driven by green innovation. Never compromising. On quality. On design. On features.
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Office convenience

Office convenienceStay free. Work where you are, when it suits you. With Windows Mobile®, you can view and edit your Microsoft® Office documents on the go.

Transfer your old phonebook to your new phone

Transfer your old phonebook to your new phoneBy setting up your old phone to sync with Sony Ericsson, you can transfer Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Bookmarks from your old phone to your new one. (It works even if your old phone is of another make.) Sony Ericsson Sync also makes it possible for you to access and manage up-to-date information in your mobile phone from the Internet - anytime, anywhere with Sony Ericsson Sync.
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