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  • Experience the speed and raw power of the high-performance N900 mobile computer.
  • Quick facts
  • extreme speed and performance
  • keep your conversation going
  • capture, tag and share
  • get to know Maemo


Nokia N900


  • No need to carry a netbook. Have a compact device the size of a handset with a large, high-resolution screen.
  • Keep multiple web windows open. The Maemo browser is powered by Mozilla technology.
  • Use the full web faster over high speed HSPA and WLAN connections.
  • Watch videos, use internet applications and play games with full Adobe Flash 9.4TM and AJAX support.
  • Enjoy fast and easy browsing with gestures and full QWERTY keyboard.

Nokia N900
Phone & Contacts

  • Merge your phone book, Skype contacts and other contacts into an all-in-one address book.
  • Stay online - see your friends’ availability, avatars, location and mood.
  • Tap your friends and select the best way to contact them: via a regular phone call, Instant Messaging, SMS, email or an Internet call.
  • Synchronize your contacts to Outlook.
  • Keep multiple SMS & IM conversations going and move easily between them.

Nokia N900
Email & Calendar

  • Easily set up multiple email accounts with support for popular email providers.
  • Push Email, calendar and contacts with Mail for Exchange.
  • Slide out the full keyboard designed for fast typing. Speed your typing up further with smart on-screen features and word completion.
  • See images, web links and open attachments in your email with rich HTML support, like on a PC.
You will need an Exchange e-mail account and your Exchange Administrator must have enabled your account for synchronization. Please contact your Exchange administrator or e-mail account provider for details, including the Exchange Server name and domain, your username and password, and the access point for your wireless carrier.

Nokia N900
Media Player

  • Shuffle music and watch videos from the fast 32 GB storage - expandable up to 48 GB*.(Accessories sold separately)
  • Fill and re-fill your device with a top USB mass storage transfer speed of up to 10 MB/s – get a DVD quality movie in a few minutes.
  • Enjoy music and videos with the extensive media support available, with the easy-to-use Maemo 5 Music & Video Player.
  • Be amazed by the stereo audio quality and the sharpness of the TV-out picture quality. Cable included.
* current availability

Nokia N900

  • Use the Carl Zeiss optics and 5 megapixel camera to take great photos.
  • Capture WVGA 16:9 video in higher than DVD resolution.
  • Find your photos later on. Tag them with the keyword cloud to best describe the moment.
  • See where your images were taken with the automatic geotagging.
  • Carry your album with you. Make the most of the performance and large storage - find any image in a split second and use post capture editing tools for fine tuning.

Nokia N900
Ovi Maps

  • The latest Ovi Maps for Maemo is on board.
  • Search maps for addresses and places.
  • Enjoy the fast map experience and stunning level of detail on the high resolution display.
  • Find your destination with routing.