Samsung Captivate™ (SGH-i897)

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Making the Smartphone Brilliant

  • Super AMOLED™ Touchscreen
  • Social Networking Integration
  • Android™ 2.1 Platform
  • Swype® Text Input Technology
  • See brilliance on display. The Samsung Captivate™ with its 4-inch Super AMOLED™ display brings to life Hollywood blockbusters and your own 5.0MP pics like never before. Revel in the beauty of vivid clarity and awe-inspiring colors – even when the screen is drenched in sunlight. Experience the Web with the full HTML browser, choose from thousands of games and productivity apps from the Android™ Market, and stay in touch with everybody with pre-loaded social apps. Do it at blazing speeds with the 1GHz processor, Swype® technology and up to 32GB of expandable memory – all with the phone as captivating as life itself.


    Super AMOLED™ Touchscreen

    Your world just got brighter and you don’t even need shades. Experience HD-quality video recording that’s clearly detailed, extraordinarily vivid and astonishingly colorful on the brilliant 4-inch Super AMOLED™ screen. Movies, games, websites, they all come to life even in broad daylight thanks to an anti-reflective screen. One of the thinnest, most responsive smartphones in the world, it also uses less power to give you longer battery life. Play on.

    Social Networking Integration

    Keep up with friends as easily as you make them. The Captivate™ integrates all your email, social networking and phone contacts into one address book. It also combines your Google Calendar and social networking calendars into one so you always know what’s up. Instantly post your status and upload pics on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter with the Feeds & Updates app. Since it’s not just about you, recent postings from friends and family instantly appear on your home screen thanks to Buddies Now.

    Android™ 2.1 Platform

    Do you want the whole world in your hands? How about the whole universe? Tens of thousands of apps populate Android™ Market – everything from popular games to productivity tools to constellation maps. Powered by the latest Android™ platform (and upgradeable to 2.2), the Captivate™ fully integrates with Google Mobile Services. You’re now at one with your Gmail account, Google Maps, YouTube videos and more.

    Swype® Text Input Technology

    There is simply no faster way to text, and there is the 2010 Guinness World Record to prove it. The virtual QWERTY keyboard with Swype® technology lets you input text lightning-fast without lifting a finger. Follow all the back-and-forth text conversations with threaded messaging. Partial to instant, photo or video messaging? All available too. While you’re at it, stay on top of work email via Exchange.

    Full HTML Browser

    Explore what the Internet has to offer in full-color glory at blazing speeds. The full HTML browser lets you experience the Web just like you do on a desktop. Unlike your desktop, the WiFi-enabled Captivate™ gives you total mastery over the web page with advanced touchscreen capabilities such as Pinch-to-Zoom, drag & drop and Vertical & Horizontal swiping® . Whether you’re accessing location-based services or uploading pics to Facebook, you’re doing it on the nation’s fastest 3G network.

    Samsung Media Hub-Ready

    Hollywood blockbusters and popular TV shows: coming soon to the brilliant Super AMOLED™ screen. A powerful 1GHz Hummingbird processor and surround-sound stereo quality ensure performances equally as brilliant. It comes with 16 gigs of built-in memory and is expandable up to another 32GB, so you can store loads of videos and MP3s. There’s a 3.5mm ear jack so you can use your regular headphones. Direct your own flicks with the 5.0MP camera and camcorder with autofocus and HD video recording (720p), and then stream it to your DLNA-enabled HDTV.